A trip to France isn’t complete without sampling some of the country’s delicacies. The Loire Valley is a foodie haven with dishes like shad roasted with sorrel, Loire salmon, chitterling sausage, goat’s milk cheese and partridge. Other delicious specialties include rillettes, potted pork, and herb-flavored black pudding. If you’re a meat lover, you may also want to sample some of the region’s world-famous wines.

While French gastronomy is world-famous for its rich and decadent pastries, you can still enjoy some budget-friendly fare without breaking the bank. You can try Saint-Honore pastries and Paris-Brest pies, or sample some of the country’s famous cakes like Tarte Tatin, which has caramelized apples. The city also has many regional foods like crepes and pancakes, so you’re sure to find something delicious here.

While France’s cuisine is world-famous, the French have adapted their eating habits to suit their lifestyle and preferences. In some areas, lunch at work is a less social affair, with many French individuals grabbing a quick sandwich during the day. But dinner with family is still the most traditional meal. The French believe that food is essential to life. So you should plan your itinerary accordingly. Here’s a quick guide to food in France:

In terms of cuisine, France has the most exquisite cuisine in the world. Its dishes are a combination of tradition, history and sophisticated cooking techniques. Their rich, flavorful meals have put the country on the world map. And in November 2010 gastronomy was officially added to UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. A trip to France is not complete without tasting its delicacies. If you’re looking for a casual dining experience, you’ll find plenty of budget bistros in the countryside.

If you’re into history, France is a must-see. Famous for its award-winning restaurants, this country also features imposing buildings and historic landmarks. While you’re visiting Paris, be sure to make time for the cities of Annecy, Toulouse, and Nice. You’ll find something to your liking and a unique experience in these cities. It’s not only food that makes France an ideal food destination, but its rich history and intoxicating romantic ambiance makes it a must-see when visiting France.

Burgundy is another foodie haven, though the city can’t compete with Paris in terms of international cuisine. Lyon, for instance, is known for its legendary bouchons, small bistros. At a bouchon, you’ll find breaded fried tripe, big fat andouillettes, and even silk-weaver’s brains. The quenelles de brochet are two of the many delicious dishes to try in this region.

As for seafood, the Riviera is known for its quality. Although seafood can be costly, there are some great places to sample the finest seafood dishes. Bouillabaisse is said to have been invented by Venus. But don’t let that scare you-bouillabaisse is still the ultimate comfort food. There are a few regional variations to this classic French dish, so you’re sure to find one that suits your palate. The food in France is incredibly diverse, so don’t miss the chance to sample the freshest produce.

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