The BR2 travel pillow is made especially for back sleepers and is designed to sit upright in an airplane seat. It is padded with memory foam and shaped like the back half of a cervical collar. However, this travel pillow is not ideal for all types of sleepers and is not machine-washable. It is also quite expensive. Here are some pros and cons of BR2 travel pillows. Weigh the pros and cons and decide which one best fits your sleeping style.

The firmness level of a travel pillow is another important factor to consider. While most manufacturers don’t specify the firmness of their travel pillows, you can often get an idea by looking at their construction. Inflatable pillows are firm when fully inflated. You can deflate them before packing them, however, if you want a softer pillow. Memory foam and polyfoam pillows are a good compromise between softness and support. Those made from fiber-filled or microbeads will have a softer feel.

Another advantage of a U-shaped travel pillow is that it helps block out noise while sleeping. They also cover your eyes when in a bright environment. They are also quite cheap and easy to clean. However, some memory foam pillows may smell and get hot. Another disadvantage is that they don’t have removable covers. Buying one that is machine-washable is recommended. It is recommended that you wash the pillow after every use to avoid any odor.

If you are prone to neck pain or are concerned about sleeping in a hot room, an Ecosafeter travel pillow is a great choice. It is made from memory foam and has a slight “hump” shape to help relieve pressure on the Cervical spine. Its design is versatile as it can be molded into various shapes. Moreover, it keeps you cool, and you can adjust the firmness and comfort level of the pillow according to your preference.

Skyrest inflatable travel pillow is another product available online. It is made to support a forward position while travelling. It costs around $30. However, some safety regulators do not approve of this product because it blocks aisle access and emergency exits. Therefore, TSA recommends that the Skyrest inflatable travel pillow be avoided. A travel neck pillow will prevent you from getting too much sleep during the flight. But what if your travel pillow has no air-travel friendly features?

Moreover, the Go Neck Pillow is a solid investment for the price. It has a lifetime warranty and free shipping within the contiguous U.S. If you are not satisfied with the pillow, simply return it within 30 days. And remember, you can even return it for a full refund. This product is definitely worth considering! It will give you a restful night’s sleep and reduce your risk of experiencing headaches.

Avocado mini pillow is another travel-size travel pillow. Its fill is a plush blend of latex and fibers from the kapok tree, which have a soft, fluffy feel that resembles natural down. Avocado’s mini pillow can be molded to fit any sleeping position and comes with a half-pound bag of additional fill. It’s also lightweight and compact. It also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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