Gift giving is the giving of something, often in exchange for something in return. From jewelry and books to expensive cars and beyond, you should ensure the recipient will find joy from receiving your present while showing that you care. Gift giving has existed as part of human society for centuries, with even our closest animal relatives using gift exchange as part of mating or food exchange rituals.

Christian tradition recognizes that God grants believers special spiritual gifts from His Spirit that equip them for ministry, to build up and edify the Church. Some examples of these spiritual gifts can be found throughout scripture:

Faith The Holy Spirit gives believers this gift in order to support and build up the church by trusting in God’s goodness and placing everything in His hands. Those with this faith have an unshakable belief in His power and are never surprised when miracles happen in their lives or unexpected changes occur in their circumstances.

Knowledge Christians possessing this gift of knowledge are able to understand and articulate God’s Word, its history and how it applies to their lives. This form of evangelism goes beyond simply relaying facts; rather it involves analyzing, explaining and making connections between scriptures and life experiences of listeners.

Serving Christians with this gift of service are able to help others in ways that are practical and helpful without seeking recognition in return. While similar to leadership, serving is more task-focused; those possessing this ability prioritize ministry success over personal gain.

The Holy Spirit gives believers the gift of evangelism so that they may share the Gospel message in ways which are culturally sensitive and compelling to those who don’t yet believe or have become inactive in their faith. Those possessing this talent are able to articulate and convey it clearly.

Healing: Spiritual Gift of Ministry Some Christians possess a gift from the Holy Spirit which allows them to heal others both physically and emotionally. Those with this ability are able to minister by praying prayers of healing or laying hands on those in need – something particularly essential when facing terminal illnesses, addictions or other physical/emotional challenges. While healing may take time and may require perseverance on part of those receiving care, remembering this message of hope could make all the difference for you or someone you care for.

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